Personnel Documents

We do not propose changing the structure of PPP. A chart of the six sections and the number of policies each section contains follows:

Section 1 - Organizational Structure - 9 policies
Section 2 - Equal Employment Regulations - 7 policies
Section 3 - Employment Conditions - 30 policies
Section 4 - Benefits Administration - 22 policies
Section 5 - Performance and Discipline - 12 policies
Section 6 - Organizational Procedures - 48 policies


Neither the draft sections below nor the entire draft manual contain the following 6 policies which are proposed for deletion.

1.4.2 Succession Management and Leadership Development is a policy created to guide LUMCFS in preparation for Terrel Deville’s retirement in 2011. Since then we have created the Staff Development Department which makes 1.4.2 unnecessary.

2.5 AIDS Discrimination is a policy created dated April 1, 2003. It may have been required at the time, but federal and state law now makes this policy unnecessary.

4.9.1 Maternity Leave is unnecessary per consultant because our policies on sick leave and FMLA cover maternity leave.

Policies 6.43 “Clinical Privileging” and 6.49 Designation of Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIPs) were originally drafted during the early 1990’s in response to accreditation requirements of the Joint Commission. We replaced Joint Commission accreditation with COA in the late 1990’s making these policies unnecessary. Today, the analogous function is called “Credentialing” which is required by LDH licensure and our contracts with insurance companies. Credentialing is conducted by our Health Information Management Department.

6.47 Pecan Crop Policy is no longer necessary due to the significant decline of our pecan crop, the construction of the fence along Hwy 167, and a general lack of interest in our pecans.

Draft Sections

Section 1: Organizational Structure

Section 2: Employment Regulations

Section 3: Employment Conditions

Section 4: Benefits Administration

Section 5: Performance and Discipline

Section 6: Organizational Procedures

Entire Draft Manual

In a single document, the entire manual contains all of the sections provided above.

The Entire Manual (large file)